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Bicycle Designs for Sale

We are looking for an OEM or someone who wants to start an E-bike company to purchase the electric bicycle designs of the Fat Free and the cargo bicycles (SunCycle, LockerCycle and PickupCycle).  The designs include:

  • Patent Portfolio including an issued patent for steering and 4 additional patents pending
  • Solidworks CAD models and detailed drawing set
  • Completely sourced parts and components in Taiwan/China/US
  • Can be easily modified for any battery system
  • Prototype bikes included
  • Direct and wholesale pre-orders
  • The Fat Free and Cargo bike designs can be purchased separately or together

For the production Fat Free bikes, we have designed custom shaped tubes that make the frame even stronger and more responsive.  Click on the picture for a sneak peek.

For all the people out there that want bikes, we are sorry for the delay!  We are working on transferring the production so that the bikes can delivered late 2014 or early 2015.  Thank you for your patience and support.


Announcing the Fat Free Electric Bicycle!

This is the easiest to ride e-bike. The Fat Free is 25 pounds lighter than a typical e-bike and the weight is down low. With a custom 5.5 aluminum frame it feels light as a feather. The crank drive motor delivers power through a Nuvinci CVT transmission so it can climb hills far better than typical hub motor electric bikes. With an optional rack and baskets, it can also carry 110 pounds of cargo. This is our cargo commuter e-bike with an incredible price of $2600!

Three Frame Sizes for a Perfect Fit

E-bikes are usually “one size fits most”, but this doesn’t work well for riders under 5′-4″ or over 6′-3″. We are producing the Fat Free in Small, Medium and Large so you can get the optimum riding position for comfort and power.

The Smallest, Toughest, Safest e-Bike Battery

Using our patent pending technology, we managed to make our e-bike battery even smaller.  It’s so small now, it can fit in your hand.  We are calling it the Mini 48.  This is going to completely change e-bikes forever.

Lifetime Rebuildable Battery

Our patented technology allows us to rebuild batteries instead of throwing them away. This not only saves money, but it’s good for the environment. For half the cost of a new battery, we will rebuild and upgrade your battery so it’s as good or better than new.

Commuting by E-bike – Leave the car at home

The seamless shifting mechanism is perhaps my favorite feature of the Fat Free electric bike recently created by NTS Works in Santa Cruz California. I usually pick one gear and just stand up when the pedaling gets hard, however this bike has ultra simple ‘continuously variable transmission’ in the rear hub, just rotate part of the right hand grip like a motorcycle throttle and the bike seamlessly changes your pedal gear.  Chain drivin, the motor is placed low, just under and in front of the pedal cranks, it assists the pedaling about 1 second after you start and gives you assistance for another second after you stop. Yes you have to pedal this bike and the 3 speed motor option details how much assistance, choose level 3 for light pedaling. Quite a bit of assistance comes-on for those 20 degree inclines. You can easily feel the difference in assistance when you turn off the power and go for straight pedaling.  A simple look at the display screen show your motor speed choice and your miles per hour. I found it plenty fast going 18 mph on flat with a little head wind. I cruzed from just north of the santa cruz board walk almost to Scotts Valley in 30min, I broke a little sweat up the hill. The bike feels solid and well thought out. The comfort is excellent with nice leather palm supporting hand grips and leather seat too. The frames top tube curves low for ease of getting on and great for stand over clearance. Over all weight of the bike is 48 lbs, lifetime rebuildable battery and it carries an additional 100 lbs for the big shopping spree. Lock-it-up  because it looks great and you may never catch someone with the 35 mile charge range.

Thank you heaps NTS Works for adding this inventive ultimate Cruz-ing machine to the world of travel.

Jolliffication Climbing Instruction


Rider: Mike Lowe, Easton-Bell Helmets

I had the opportunity to ride the Fat Free last week.

I’m an avid bike commuter for over 20 years. I ride a bike into work more than I drive. Over the last 6 years my commute has been from Santa Cruz, Ca to Scotts Valley. This is a 20 mile round trip with a climb that gets the heart pumping and sweat flowing.

I couldn’t believe how light the bike was. Other’s I’ve ridden needed 2 people to load into a truck. In addition to being light, it had a very strong pull.

While riding this bike with assist, all I could think about was all of the reason’s people don’t ride a bike. Too hard, too sweaty, range, etc. This bike closes all of those gaps.

Considering the cost and weight, I expect this one to hit the sweet spot and will get more people out of a car.

I put the bike to the challenge by doing my commute in sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. In the same amount of time it takes me to get to work pushing hard, I made it to work without needing a shower!

I’ve always been skeptical about battery technology until this bike. They have a very innovative and serviceable battery technology that answers the question/worry, “What happens when the batteries go out?” This is still a concern for other eBike customers. I’ve heard of people being left helpless when the batteries go out on other eBike company’s eBikes.

Mike Lowe, Bicycle Commuter for over 20 years