Alienware AW3418HW

Alienware is a common term used by most when it comes to gaming. The name has established its prowess in the gaming industry has produced great gaming machinery. The company has over the last decade managed to release some gaming computer and laptops trusted in both quality and performance. In the recent weeks, the company has yet again released a state of the art curved gaming monitor. This move has stirred mixed reactions and excitement among Alienware fans.

What’s New In Alienware AW3418HW

Alienware AW3418HW

The Alienware AW3418HW is the new masterpiece bearing the Alienware brand. The 34-inch curved monitor has wowed the gaming community with its awesome display characteristics capable of making up to 2560 * 1080 pixels. Designed by its predecessor, the Alienware AW3418DW, this monitor has been released as a cheaper, yet high quality, alternative. Designed with the same aspects as the brother, the Alienware AW3418HW has a 160 Hz refresh rate and a 4 MS response time. It shares the same 1000:1 contrast features as the brother with an anti-glare mechanism protecting your eyes even after long gaming hours. The monitor can take inputs from 4 USB 3.0 ports and one B type USB port. Expected to hit the market in the next few months, a lot of other features cannot yet be proven.


Large display- the 34 inches curved screen offers a great gaming display for any game that you may so choose
Cheaper– compared to its brother, the Alienware AW3418DW, this monitor is expected to retail at a couple of hundred dollars less. This is a significant advantage over the brother monitor.

Graphics– at 160 Hz, the monitor has the ideal refresh rate for any gamer. Used with a powerful computer, this is the perfect gaming monitor owing to its smooth graphics

Input features– though not fully confirmed, this monitor is to have the same input features its brother offers. With over 4 high-speed USB ports, this monitor guarantees fast storage access. Users can use multiple storage drives simultaneously allowing seamless switching of games on the go.


Expensive– the pricing of the monitor has for most been a hurdle. Compared to the brother version, it is considerably cheaper yet still expensive for most average users.

Gaming is an entertainment delight. To experience great gaming experiences, investing in gaming equipment is important. Over the years, various gaming companies have come up with innovative ways to better the experience. Alienware as one of the pacesetters in the gaming industry has made major strides in the perfection of gaming. The companies experience has seen it advance its mechanics in the development of state of the art gaming equipment. This latest piece is no exception whatsoever.

The Alienware AW3418HW does the brand proud. As a cheaper alternative to the Alienware AW3418DW, this perfect gaming monitor for a modern-day gamer yet somewhat economically strained. Though not as powerful as its brother, this is by far the best alternative offering all the perks associated with its father company. If you are looking into investing in a gaming monitor, be on the lookout for the Alienware AW3418HW.

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