alienware aw3418dw

Gaming has become an important part of our lives. This has continually presented the need to have a good gaming experience that leaves the gamers wanting more and more. There has a lot of monitors in the market in recent years. However, when it comes to getting the ultimate gaming immersion, a maximum view field and many more, there is none that beats the Alienware ultrawide monitor. This is a gorgeous 34-inch curved monitor manufactured by Alienware. The Alienware AW3418DW has a fantastic design, 3440*1440 screen resolution, and inbuilt G-Sync capabilities. The product is worth every penny, thanks to its amazing, impressive and attractive color, gaming performance and brightness. There is no doubt this monitor is built to grab your attention. Its base is sharply angled, giving it a sleek design. The rear panel, underside, and stand have strips that are LED enabled. It offers the option to customize the strips to emit the color of your choice.

Alienware AW3418D Monitor Features and Pros

alienware aw3418dw


The monitor has whatever it takes to get you focused on the screen. With a complete 1900R curved infinity display, the monitor offers a full gaming immersion. The view filed is maximized by the curved design, causing less strain to your eyes. Less eye strain means a prolonged gaming period.


The Alienware ultrawide monitor comes with a swivel-hinge that helps users to tilt, adjust the height and swivel the monitor the place and they feel comfortable. Endless gameplay requires maximum comfortability and that is exactly what this monitor offers with its ability to be tilted 5 degrees forward, 40 degrees on both sides and 25 degrees backward. The monitor can also be raised or lowered about 5 inches. Therefore, the product is ideal for any kind of gaming seat.


The product has futuristic and minimalistic design with a metallic finish and angular lines. This model is appealing when compared to other competitors in the gaming scene. Gamers enjoy a full and massive display, thanks to the infinity edge design that also offers a bezel-free view. Of the three real cabinet lines, the two lines sloping to the bottom have LED strips which are customizable for a synchronized lighting theme. This is made possible by the presence of customizable AlienFX. For a nice feel of touch, the monitor has a polished silver finish too.

Performance and Display

The Alienware ultrawide AW3418DW has a 34-inch panel with a resolution of 3440*1440. Overclocked, fast 120Hz refresh rate that is blended with a 4ms response time ensures that a buttery-smooth gaming experience is delivered. This is a display technology of its kind, and it is specifically fitted to reduce display stutter and lag so as to present in real time, the fastest and smoothest gameplay. Currently, the Alienware AW3418DW is among the fastest ultrawide monitors in the markets.

Ports and Interface

There is a fairly standard selection of inputs; HDMI and Display Port, type A & B USB 3.0 ports and headphone jack for easier connection to other sound equipment.


The articulated stand supports the display’s weight, making it stand firm and upright. The build features aluminium, making it durable and resistant of bending and breakage.


  • The Alienware AW3418DW ultrawide gaming monitor has some shortcomings too.
  • Price – the product is heavily priced and this has hindered many people from acquiring it even as they seek a better gaming experience. While the hardware from Alienware may not be cheap, the current price becomes hard to justify to the larger population.
  • The monitor lacks internal speakers – this has created the need for serious gamers to always have a standby sound system to connect to it.
  • The location of ports and other input and output interfaces appear to be inconvenient. The ports are not adequate too.
  • The contrast ratio is not as high as for the other modern IPS monitor panels.

There is no doubt that this product is one of the fastest gaming monitors in the market. So if you are looking for a smooth, immersive vision filling ratios and high game view field, then Alienware AW3418DW monitor is an excellent choice. The monitor has various game-specific features, some of which are customizable.

This review confidently recommends this product to any serious gamers out there. The monitor will surely make gaming feel like a whole new experience. However, if anyone on a tight shopping budget may find it hard to acquire this fantastic monitor.

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