Announcing the Fat Free Electric Bicycle!

This is the easiest to ride e-bike. The Fat Free is 25 pounds lighter than a typical e-bike and the weight is down low. With a custom 5.5 aluminum frame it feels light as a feather. The crank drive motor delivers power through a Nuvinci CVT transmission so it can climb hills far better than typical hub motor electric bikes. With an optional rack and baskets, it can also carry 110 pounds of cargo. This is our cargo commuter e-bike with an incredible price of $2600!

Three Frame Sizes for a Perfect Fit

E-bikes are usually “one size fits most”, but this doesn’t work well for riders under 5′-4″ or over 6′-3″. We are producing the Fat Free in Small, Medium and Large so you can get the optimum riding position for comfort and power.

The Smallest, Toughest, Safest e-Bike Battery

Using our patent pending technology, we managed to make our e-bike battery even smaller.  It’s so small now, it can fit in your hand.  We are calling it the Mini 48.  This is going to completely change e-bikes forever.

Lifetime Rebuildable Battery

Our patented technology allows us to rebuild batteries instead of throwing them away. This not only saves money, but it’s good for the environment. For half the cost of a new battery, we will rebuild and upgrade your battery so it’s as good or better than new.

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