The NTS SunCycle is possibly the most efficient vehicle on earth.  It is essentially the NTS LockerCycle with a big highly efficient solar panel. Technically the NTS SunCycle has exceeded our expectations. We have tested the power produced from the solar panel and we were able to exceed the rated power of 60 watts. That is more power than you use with the power setting on low.

In the rear, we offer an optional rear rack system with removable wire baskets. This gives you a lot of flexibility to balance the weight distribution front to rear and tall objects can be carried in the rear.

Like all of our cargo bicycles, it features our revolutionary steering system that makes a cargo bicycle ride like a regular bicycle (patent pending).  In order to help you conquer those hills, it features a powerful electric front hub motor with gear reduction and our patent pending Lifetime Rebuildable Battery.



Revolutionary Steering System
The ideal place for the cargo area is directly over the front wheel, but a regular bicycle design can’t do this.  We had to develop a new way to mount and steer the front wheel. The design is patent pending.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Designer Neal Saiki brings world class racing bicycle design to cargo bicycles.  All of the aluminum tubes are custom shaped, over-sized and thin wall.

The Best Battery
With too many quality details to list, our Lifetime Rebuildable Battery features a lifetime service warranty that sums up our commitment to quality.

Powerful Electric Hub Motor
We use a large electric hub motor with built in gear reduction.  To make it durable, electrically we limit the power to 250 watts.  Our system will climb as well as anyone’s 350 watt system and leaves regular 250 watt systems at the bottom of the hill.  The system is pedelec (you have to pedal for the motor to run).  The level of motor assistance available is adjustable from the display panel.  On a hill you simply push a button to increase the amount of motor assistance and once you crest the top you can set it back.  It’s made to be easy and intuitive to use.

Low Maintenance
We try to make our bikes as maintenance free as possible.  The drivetrain is a Gates Centertrack belt that doesn’t need lubrication.  All bearings, including steering bearings, are sealed cartridge bearings that never need lubrication.  The rear hub is a top of the line Shimano Alfine 8 internal geared hub.  It is fully sealed and only requires maintenance every 2 years or 2,000 miles.


Average Range: 25 miles
Range on High Power & Steep Hills: 15 miles
Range on Low Power & Moderate Hills: 40 miles

Wheelbase: 50.4″ (1280mm)
Front Tire: 2.4×24″
Rear Tire: 2.4×26″
Standover: 23.6″ (599mm)
Top Tube Length: 19.6″ (497mm)
Cargo Bed: 24″x31″ (610x787mm)

Material: 6061 aluminum
Finish: powder coated highly reflective white for nightime visibility

Suggested Front Cargo Capacity: 100 pounds (45kg)
Structural Front Cargo Rating: 200 pounds (90kg)
Suggested Rear Cargo Capacity: 50 pounds (23kg) with optional Axiom rack
Structural Rear Cargo Rating: 110 pounds (50kg) with optional Axiom rack
Total Weight: 68 pounds (31kg)
Frame: 22 pounds (10kg)
Battery: 8 pounds (4kg)

Gears: 8 speed Shimano Alfine internal gear hub
Belt Drive: Gates Carbon Drive Centertrack
Rated Power: 250w EU compliant or optional 350w Non-EU
Battery: Li Ion 36v 14.3ah 517wh
Motor: hub motor with internal gear reduction

Front Brake: 203mm disc brake
Rear Brake: 203mm disc brake
Seatpost: 30.4mmx350mm
Steering Headset: 1-1/8 threadless standard
Stem Diameter: 28.6mm
Handlebar Mount Diameter: 25.4mm

Solar Tech

-DSC00548 1024x768The NTS SunCycle integrates an incredibly small, lightweight and powerful solar panel.  It weights about two pounds and is rated for 60 watts of power.  We also make our own solar charge regulator that protects the battery from overcharging.

Solar Panel HF 45WThe noncrystalline solar cells used on our panels are over 19 percent efficient.  Our panel is approximately 4 square feet.  Compare this to the popular 45 watt solar panel pictured on the right.  It is 9 square feet in area, but puts out less power!


How far can I go?
Because our bikes are pedal assist with an adjustable level of power, range varies from around 15 miles to 40 miles with moderate loads and moderate hill climbs.  You can expect 25 miles on average.

What is pedal assist?
Pedal assist is without a throttle and is a European requirement.  When you spin the cranks, the motor will automatically turn on to add to your pedaling effort.  The amount of motor assistance is adjustable.  There is a handlebar display where you can adjust the level of power assistance from off, to low, medium or high.  The system is very intuitive.  Pedaling makes the bicycle go.  The motor assistance automatically turns off 2 seconds after you stop pedaling or it will turn off instantly when either brake is applied.

How much weight can I carry?
We recommend up to 100 pounds in the front and up to 50 pounds on the (optional) rear rack.  This produces a balanced bike that is easy to handle by an average rider.  Our cargo bikes  have been tested to hold over 200 pounds in the front and 110 pounds in the rear, but frequent use at that extreme loading will prematurely wear out the wheels, tires and brakes.

Is your battery and motor reliable?
While other ebikes have a 50% failure rate after the first year, we only build bikes with a commercial level of reliability.  One way we accomplish this is by designing our system so the battery, motor and motor controller are used at much less than their rated capacity.  For instance, our motor is rated for 500 watts of power, but NTS Works uses it at 250 watts.  We also have a fully water sealed and armored battery.  Other battery brands may look sealed, but they are not.

Is 250 watts enough power?
Our power rating is average power, not peak power.  Some manufacturers state peak power, not average power.  The motor is a gear reduction motor that spins 5 times faster than the wheel.  This produces a huge amount of hill climbing torque.  Most people are happy with the 250 watt controller.

Why carry cargo in front?
This is the best combination of cargo and drivetrain.  We use front wheel drive because we wanted to build a maintenance free internal gear hub and belt drive in the rear.  When you have front wheel drive, you want to put the cargo over the front wheel to get more traction when the bicycle is loaded with cargo.

Does the frame fit me?
The frame is designed to fit riders between 5′-2″ and 6′-4″. It works because the seat tube is angled rearward at 71 degrees so taller riders are further from the handlebars. The handlebar stem can be adjusted in seconds without tools. This allows you to put the bars within easy reach or get them out of the way of carrying tall cargo.

How can I secure my bicycle from being stolen?
Two things we use are a good lock and an alarm.  These items will be available in our online store.

We like the 36 inch Kryptonite Evolution 4 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock.  It is very strong and makes it easy to secure your bicycle to a rack or post.  The NY series of Kryptonite locks are even more awesome, but are really heavy.

Can the battery be stolen?
We made a change to the bike frame because we hear that other brands of batteries get kicked out and stolen.  We also changed the battery mounting to have ¼ inch thick metal bars around it so it cannot be kicked out.  It still has a key lock to remove the battery, but is now much stronger.  No plastic parts at all.