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Spy film is an incredible film style that is so alluring and has caught the attention of more viewers than any other genre in the film industry. 2017 has been a year of great film production with a variety of genres, however, our focus will be on spy agent movies to satisfy our spy films-obsessed fans. Bearing that in mind, we have selected the following best spy movies that will interest you.


This is an American spy film that is full of action and based on the novel, The Coldest City, by Sam Hart and Anthony Johnston. This film is set in the year 1989 where prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, an MI6 agent with a mission of finding a double agents’ list who are being illegally moved into the West is gunned down. A few days later, a highly skilled MI6 spy, Loraine Broughton is summoned about her mission to Berlin by the MI6 top official, Erick Gray and a CIA agent, Emmett Kurzfeld. The main mission is to recover the double agents’ list and assassinate Satchel.

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This is a sequel to the Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film is based on the Kingsman comic book series and is set a year after Eggsy and the Kingsman secret organization salvaged the world from the wave of a neurological broadcast of Richmond Valentine. While Eggsy is in Sweden, Kingsman headquarter is destroyed by missiles killing all the agents including Eggsy’s best friend Roxy and Brandon who is a non-Kingsman. Eggsy and Merlin become the only agents to survive the attack, therefore, being forced to follow the protocol Doomsday which leads them to an American secret organization where they discover more secrets about a secret terrorist organization, The Golden Circle.


This is a spy thriller film that focuses on an Intelligence Bureau officer, Shiva, who spies particularly on people who need help by developing a software that tracks their phone calls. However, on one night things take a completely different turn after listening to a young girl’s conversation asking her friend for help. He sends Renuka, a new police constable, and a friend, to help the girl but they both get killed. He later starts an investigation into the brutal murder.


This American spy film is based on the book, Red Sparrow by Jason Mattews. It focuses on Dominika Egorova, a Russian intelligence officer, whose mission is to expose Nathaniel Nash, a CIA agent in Russia. However, she ends up falling in love with him and considers being a double secret agent.


It is a film based on the book, The Catcher Was A Spy by Robert Rodat. It tells the story of a former baseball player, Moe Berg, who became a spy for the United States government during World War II in an effort to compete and overcome Germany in the race of building the first-ever atomic bomb.

The above films are so far believed to be the best and latest examples of the spy film genre in 2017. There is no doubt that spy films are the most intriguing films of all time.

Top 5 Spy Agent Movies Of All Time

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Are you on a secret mission to find the best spy movie ever made? So be careful, here we have brought a list of some of the best detective agents movies. Watching these movies is a unique kind of enjoyment, even after seeing it hundred times, it does not allow us to get bored. Let’s have a look at the top 5 spy agent movies of all time.

1. North By Northwest (1959)

It is obvious to underestimate this movie after looking to the date of release. But for your kind information, you must know that this film is the highest rated spy agent movie by IMDb with a star rating of 8.4. The movie was a big hit of its time. Actually, it is the inspiration of various other detective agent movies which are popular nowadays. Coming to the point, the main character ‘Cary Grant’ is playing the role of an advertising executive who is looking for a way to survive after getting mistaken as a government agent. Throughout the movie, you will hold yourself to enjoy the chase happening in the movie. It is completely an action-packed epic full of mystery, thrill, and adventure. So don’t wait, watch the film and enjoy.

2. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

This picture is said to be the greatest motion picture trilogies of its time. It is among the highest rated movies by IMDb with 8.1-star rating. Paul Greengrass has made a good impression in this field with this movie.

The story revolves around a CIA officer who during his assassination program, search for the origin of his life as a trained killer. The most loving things about this movie are its actions, dialogues, and the amazing effect of shaking camera throughout the movie. The conclusion of the movie is highly satisfying with the unforgettable trilogy which is fantastic.

3. The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

You can call this a movie a political and social thriller with drama ahead of its time. The movie is rated 8.1 stars by IMDb and is said to be of real worth to watch. The movie was released in 1962 so it comes in black and white which is a little bit disappointing.

The movie is based on the story of brainwashing a war prisoner who is actually the witness of an international communist conspiracy. Frank Sinatra is in the leading role with various methodical subplots of John Frankenheimer. The story has got a nail-biting and chilling conclusion including a variety of undertone of politics, sex, class, and power.

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4. Casino Royale (2006)

This movie is especially for Bond fans. With a rating of 8.0 by IMDb, it is the most amazing piece of James Bond collection. Daniel Craig is perfectly playing the role of Bond in this movie of action, thrill, and adventure. The action shots in the movie are amazingly shot which are one of the best in the Bond series.

The story is about a secret agent armed with the licence to kill, on its mission as 007 at Casino Royale. This movie is an excellent piece of cinematography and must be watched to experience the great directing performance of Martin Campbell. Thus it is the most enjoyable and classy movie of Bond series and best suited for movie night outs.

5. Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol (2011)

The most adorable actor ‘Tom Cruise’ is playing the lead role of Ethan Hunt in this 4th series of Mission Impossible. It has got a rating of 7.4 by IMDb. The film really shines at its amazing action scenes. This movie includes realistic fight science along with natural sound effects to make you feel it real.

The movie is basically revolving around an organization called IMF, which is shut down after a responsive bombing attack. The agent Ethan Hunt and its team are working on clearing their organization name from the list of guilt. Overall this film is full of action and consist of a popular stunt scene of climbing from the tallest building ‘Burg-Khalifa’ in Dubai. The stunt was performed by Tom Cruise himself. The story is very solid with the great performance of co-actor Simon Peg. Some of the action scenes are really enjoyable.

Top Five Special Forces Movies Of 2017

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A good number of movie fans are thrilled and fascinated by action movies. They are considered to be interesting, dramatic and full of theatrical themes that keep one glued to the screen. Since The US Seal Team, 6 captured the world’s most dangerous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Special Forces movies have been very popular. They involve Special Forces from the military, naval, police special units and others. They exhibit tricks, actions, and activities that are very interesting and exciting. Among the top Special Forces movies of 2017 include:


SWAT is an interesting and action-packed movie that revolves around Los Angeles Elite Police Unit who goes an extra mile to solve crimes and avert attacks. The way they operate and execute their plans calls for a reckon and they are well organized and skilled. They have no room for mistakes and does most operations right without any slip-ups. This movie is full of fist and gunfights that sound amazing and interesting to watch.

Bravo Two Zero

This movie is about the British SAS Special Forces who enjoys good reputation and recognition worldwide. It is a fascinating action movie that exhibits sophisticated arsenal and effective communication that makes them succeed in all their operations. The movie features Sean Bean who is seen running around with a grenade launcher and other heavy fighting gear. It is quite a fascinating movie that you can watch over and over again without getting bored.

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Black Hawk Down

This is a movie that revolves around United States Soldiers who are sent to Somalia for a mission to help capture two top lieutenants of a terrorist group. The soldiers set off on a mission but find themselves in the middle of a heavy gunfight with heavily-armed Somali fighters who ambushes them and nearly pin them down. The soldiers make a plan to outwit the fighters and free themselves and ensure they complete their mission. The movie gets even more interesting when the special force soldiers hatch a plan to fight and defeat the Somali Fighters and complete their mission.

Lone Survivor

This is a 121 minutes special operations movie that features Marcus Luttrell and his team of Special Forces. The team embarks on a mission where they are required to capture or kill Ahmed Shah who is a notorious Taliban leader. Marcus and his team find themselves in a compromising position after they encounter well trained and armed Taliban fighters. They are left to fight for their lives and try to survive but most of the soldiers perish in the encounter and Marcus try to save himself and other soldiers and at the same time complete the mission.

Tears Of The Sun

A group of special operations team led by their commander takes a fight to Nigeria to flush out terrorists. They go into the jungle to rescue a doctor but the doctor disagrees to join them until the soldiers rescue 70 other refugees. The team went ahead with the mission but encounter resistance where a heavy gunfight ensues. The way the soldiers fight and try to rescue the refugees is very thrilling and makes this movie one to watch.

These are among the best Special Forces movies of 2017 that you must watch if you are a movie enthusiast. These movies exhibit state-of-the-art tactics, skills, and technology that makes one eager to find out the end result.