Fortnite may not be taking a nap at this moment. Because many players want to sharpen their skills, then Fortnite will have to remain active for the moment. For this reason, Epic Games now makes a huge announcement to unleash the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series. This project will be coming up with about eight million dollars in money prize.

The financial obligation of Epic Games will roll out for a space of eight weeks of the event. One amazing thing about this event is that competitors and the format will have to be a weekly basis affair.

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series

The Duos competition will be the opening activity of the event with over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you are a player or community inventor, then the good news is that the organizing company is sending invitations for qualification. This weekend marks the beginning of an event that will help Fortnite players and community creators flex their skills.

Since invitations have already been sent, there is every possibility for you to start noticing some bragging campaigns. As the competition is starting off, it will be wise for the organizing company to invite both celebrities and Fortnite high-profile gamers. In the internet world, this act is known as marketing.

One thing is sure that Fortnite players with the largest subscribers or followers will be invited for the opening ceremony of this event. According to the management of the organizing firm, being more inclusive is a top priority for the event. This implies that other people will be allowed to participate in the event apart from eSports enthusiasts.

People are beginning to have some hope after listening to Epic Games make a proclamation of unleashing more information about the event. The actual method of qualifying for the competition will soon be out to the public according to Epic Games. It is a great deal if you will keep an open eye on the Epic Games Summer Skirmish, especially for people that know how to display their skills.

Details on how to qualify for the game may simply put you ahead of any contestant. With respect to the previous announcement, it seems that the organizing company is seriously considering eSports. For this reason, a funding of one hundred million dollars is available to host the Fortnite competition in the 2018/19 season.

It is a drop in the bucket from Epic Games by investing eight million dollars on the Summer Skirmish Series. Is there anyone looking to earn money by winning the championship Epic Games is organizing? It is pretty funny to see anyone complain about this huge offer for the game.

Do not get engulf about the tons of dollars the company is investing in money prize and forget the release of Fortnite Season Five. It will eventually be released by 12th of July 2018. On this note, you can stay tuned for more amazing news about the Fortnite Season 5. It is one of the best updates that Fortnite players can ever get.

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