Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix Is Turning Fantasy VII Remake Into An Action Game

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For a long time, Square Enix has not given any update about the gameplay of its Fantasy VII Remake game. Irrespective of this problem, the director of the franchise has mentioned that the company is moving at a fast pace to give gamers the best information about the upcoming game. It is a bit suspicious of what the franchise is doing at the moment.

Some people are speculating that Square may be doing extra work to ensure that the upcoming game comes out great for players. To make things clearer, the developing company is sounding a notification that Fantasy VII Remake will now come out as an action game. This is quite different from the original status of the previous game. This has been confirmed by a source that claims that the developer and publisher have plans to make the game total action in nature.

With rest to a post found on 3D Computer Graphics, Square Enix is currently looking for the right expert to handle the Fantasy 7 Remake game job. Square Enix has promised to ensure that players will get the real deal about its upcoming action game. The franchise is carefully ensuring that the game will come in full action mode and all features added to give gamers the best feel. Square mentioned that the ideal developer for the new game would work on Unreal Engine 4 and general effect data cascade editor.

These items required by Square Enix are usually for games coming with fields, wars and executing scene platforms and to mention a few. For many people, this action-style announced by the publisher should not be a huge surprise. One thing is sure – Square Enix has been true to allowing the action-based gameplay title known to the public. This occurred around 2015 in the PlayStation Experience event.

Another thing is that the original PS1 game will be different from the FF7 Remake in several ways. If you are a huge fan of this franchise, then expect a huge change in the upcoming Fantasy 7 Remake game from Square Enix. Controlling the main characters and figures of the game is something that gamers will enjoy.
The control of the game’s characters will not be limited to your desire but move farther than anticipated. It may not be a huge revelation by expecting Square Enix to unleash an action-oriented game in the future. The title the publishing company has used for the game reflects that it will be less of role-controlling features like in the previous editions.

Since more information is not yet out, players will have to continue waiting for more updates. With this idea, you can be sure that the Fantasy VII Remake game from Square Enix will be action-based. It is important to know that the game will be specially designed for PS4. Nevertheless, the release date is yet to be public at the moment. Maybe we all can stop for a second and wait until the final release is out.

Clash Of Clans Earn

How Much Money Does Clash Of Clans Earn In A Day?

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Clash of Clans is a free to play and download game. Is it possible for this game to make a sum of around 1.56 million dollars daily? If you have been in doubt on the daily earning of this game, then rethink. Clash of Clans also operates among the top-grossing application for iPhone and Android as well. This is a fact that you should have in mind before understanding how the game earns such a huge amount daily.

Clash Of Clans Earn

The actual way the game has properly corrected its freemium version has helped in banking a huge sum of 1.56 million dollars. When the initial download remains free, in the mobile game world, it is called freemium. Another thing to know is that there are certain virtual items in the game leading to real cash. Some mobile app games will force players to pay real cash prior to accessing higher levels. In the case of Clash of Clans, the franchise has strategically introduced better means.

There is every possibility to play the whole game without paying anything. Supercell – the creator of Clash of Clans often wait patiently for gamers to earn around 1.56 million dollars daily. When playing this game, you will get certain resources that help to establish powerful troops and defensive structures. With your powerful troops, attacking other players will become easier. When this occurs, you will be able to accumulate more resources if the process remains successful.

The process of protecting, building and looting remain endless in the game Clash of Clans. Several areas of the game can be activated by using real cash. People often prefer paying a little amount of money to get through other areas of the game for better results. For instance, it may be a waste of time to allow your troops to stay longer in training while the solution may just be real-world money.

One thing is certain – Those small purchases can add up quickly to help the producer of the game earn more. Another great example of a game that works, in the same way, is the Candy Crush. It implies that players can pay real cash to avoid any delay to other active and effective parts of the game. This simple strategy of Supercell has helped the game called Clash of Clans to bank enough money on a daily basis.


The gameplay of Clash of Clans has helped the game to remain on top. The gameplay of this amazing game remains a great spot for any mobile console. It means that a newbie will not experience any difficulties when trying to access the game. Professional players can as well enjoy the structure, gameplay, and setting of the game, time and time again.
The characters in the game also help to boost the morale of players to continue moving. In most cases, you will find cartoon characters in the Clash of Clans game. According to recent information, it is clear that Clash of Clans earns up to 1.56 million dollars every day.

Top 5 Upcoming Survival Video Games Of 2018

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Survival video games are the best if you know to play them. These games have been rolled out in previous years, and it helped players catch fun, excited and improve their skills. Nevertheless, new survival video games will be unleashed in 2018. Keep reading this article to see some of the upcoming survival video games in 2018.


Gamepires is the developers of the upcoming survival game called Scum. The game will be unleashed sometime in 2018 with amazing features. In this game, some people or prisoners will be demanded to fight each other in an entertainment environment. Scum is simply a battle royale game that will reveal the champion of the field. In a nutshell, this game shows how some prisoners are assembled on an island. Prisoners will have to fight to acquire gifts, gain sponsorship, followers and change the world.

The Forest

This year will help to unveil the coming of The Forest, which remains a tough survival game. In this game, players will have to play the position of a unique name called Eric. Eric will travel with his son through a flight and experiences a crash along the way on an island. During this crash, Eric son was missing in the process. So, players can wait for the release of this survival video game and see more.


In 2014, the developers of this upcoming survival video game unleashed an amazing console. Frostpunk is a new release of the same company that unleashed the “This War of Mine”. For players that enjoyed This War of Mine will also discover that Frostpunk comes with certain similar features. In this new game, the whole world will be consumed. People will now have to seek refuge within some given sources.


The concept of Astroneer has been around since 2016. System Era Softworks remain the developers of this amazing video game and it has helped in making more fans enjoy a top-notch survival game. Astroneer will be released sometime before the end of this year. The game is simply a sandbox with top-notch features. At the moment, the storyline of this amazing game may not be crystal clear. However, players will discover that this survival game is focused on building structures.

Conan Exiles

Since 2017, the backbone of Conan Exiles has been around. The complete console of this amazing game will be coming out sometime this year. The game is globally opened and took place in the environment of Conan the Barbarian. The truth is that the storyline will not go along with the original Conan the Barbarian. In this game, players will discover the presence of a protagonist. The character of players will be offered a death sentence right from the inception of the game. The death sentence also comes up with crucifixion that takes place underneath the sun.

Can you see that these games come with amazing titles? For this reason, it will be great if players can take a deep breath and enjoy these games as they are released.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 PC Open Beta Will Be Out This August

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The Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4 is about to unleash its near-future flagship face-shooting game. It is confirmed that this mode will remain free of charge in multiplayer open beta. In fact, the game will be unleashed in August for fans to play. Treyarch, a prominent developer, has just announced that that launch will be effective in August.
It is important to know that Blackout, which is the new battle royale game will not be released with this mode. In this year release, there is every possibility for players to discover the absence of jetpacking and wall-running. Nevertheless, the game will display a grappling hook gun design. If you are a fan of grappling, then this will be a huge benefit when downloading.

The actual time of the release is confirmed to be at 6 pm on Saturday the 11th of August. The launch will continue through the 13th of August around 6 pm. The complete beta mode will be offered to subscribers that participated in the pre-order phase. This complete beta mode will be delivered to subscribers a day earlier than ordered. Treyarch, Activision will be the standard test platform for the game.

In September, Blackout system will be unleashed in a separate beta test mode. This will be for competition winners, pre-orders and much more. The argument is that nobody knows if this mode will be for PC as well. According to Treyarch, PlayStation 4 will help to accommodate the Blackout beta mode.

The launch date and platform will be released later in the future. This is because changes can occur before the actual date. The main goal of the Black Ops 4 is to operate as a multiplayer platform. Having access to the early mode is a great deal to keep you informed. The small story here is the absence of the conventional single player platform as displayed on Activision’s website.

According to a rumor that is not yet confirmed, people mentioned that campaign development has already started gradually. This will help to prepare for the mindset of the annual release date. For this reason, the concentration on multiplayer is forgone at this moment. The beta mode will come with 6 maps.

Two of those maps will be coming out for the first time. There is a plethora of modes to play in the beta mode of the Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4. This includes Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, Domination, Team Deathmatch and Black Ops 4 new mode. The first version remains an opinion-oriented mode that the producer alters between defending and attacking 2 immovable objects.

New Specialists will be available to subscribers that took part in the Private Multiplayer mode. The test mode will come with Prophet and Specialists Nomad according to Treyarch. The Black Ops 4 will definitely come with innovative gameplay features.

According to this content, it is evident that the Call Of Duty – Black Ops 4 will be unleashed in August. If you want to get engaged in the pre-order stage, simply try to check the official page of the manufacturer.

Fortnite on Android

Fortnite on Android Will Finally Come This July

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Do you know that Fortnite can operate on a plethora of platforms? The smash-hit game is not yet accessible on Android at the moment. Android remains the most well-known mobile OS in the globe that accommodates a gamut of applications. The truth is that Fortnite release date on Android has no anticipated time. Nevertheless, there is a rumor blowing across the web about the release date of Fortnite on Android.

Fortnite on Android

Information points at a future release period of this amazing system. One thing is for sure that people should be careful on how to get information concerning Fortnite operation on Android. In a simple word, the release of Fortnite on Android at the moment is not legitimate. The release date for Fortnite Season Five is sure and you can bet on that information on this network. The patch data for Fortnite Season 5 is now available and the lunch date is July 12.

Compatible Devices for Fortnite Android

Have you recently signed up for Fortnite through the Epic Games platform? If your answer is yes, then there are several updates available of the website now. There is a list of devices that are compatible with the game. Below are some of the likely devices to see:

  • LG V30/V30+
  • LG G6
  • Huawei P8 Lite 2017
  • Huawei P9/ P9 Lite
  • Huawei P10/ P10 Lite/ P10 Plus
  • Huawei Mate 9/ Pro
  • Huawei Mate 10/ Lite/ Pro
  • Google Pixel 2/ XL
  • Redmi Note 5 Pro
  • Google One Plus 6
  • Other comparable devices

Release Date For Fortnite On Android

Summer 2018 remains the actual period to unleash the Fortnite Android. This information is direct from the blog of the organizing company. According to the Epic Games website, the company is happy to inform players and creators that the application will be released this summer.

In the spring of this year, Fortnite has been able to establish its footing in the iOS platform. If you have a compatible device, it is now possible to access Fortnite easily. Invitations were rolled out through email for the iOS Fortnite edition. A code will be delivered into your email after signing up on Epic Games official website.

Fortnite is loaded with tons of activities at the moment. Concentrating on the development of existing resources to help improve player’s skills is one of the best information about the company. In a couple of week, the Fortnite Season Five will commence. This precedes the unleashing of the rocket that affected the map of the sky. It is important to know that you will not have a direct port for Fortnite on mobile.

Players will get Fortnite’s edition of the game with a plethora of bespoke items that can act as controls. Provided you are able to keep this information in mind, operating Fortnite on Android will not be a huge problem again. Just like other amazing games, Fortnite on Android will be great and compatible with other devices. By July of this year, it is expedient to know that Fortnite on Android will become available for players to access.

Epic Games Announced Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series

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Fortnite may not be taking a nap at this moment. Because many players want to sharpen their skills, then Fortnite will have to remain active for the moment. For this reason, Epic Games now makes a huge announcement to unleash the Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series. This project will be coming up with about eight million dollars in money prize.

The financial obligation of Epic Games will roll out for a space of eight weeks of the event. One amazing thing about this event is that competitors and the format will have to be a weekly basis affair.

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series

The Duos competition will be the opening activity of the event with over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you are a player or community inventor, then the good news is that the organizing company is sending invitations for qualification. This weekend marks the beginning of an event that will help Fortnite players and community creators flex their skills.

Since invitations have already been sent, there is every possibility for you to start noticing some bragging campaigns. As the competition is starting off, it will be wise for the organizing company to invite both celebrities and Fortnite high-profile gamers. In the internet world, this act is known as marketing.

One thing is sure that Fortnite players with the largest subscribers or followers will be invited for the opening ceremony of this event. According to the management of the organizing firm, being more inclusive is a top priority for the event. This implies that other people will be allowed to participate in the event apart from eSports enthusiasts.

People are beginning to have some hope after listening to Epic Games make a proclamation of unleashing more information about the event. The actual method of qualifying for the competition will soon be out to the public according to Epic Games. It is a great deal if you will keep an open eye on the Epic Games Summer Skirmish, especially for people that know how to display their skills.

Details on how to qualify for the game may simply put you ahead of any contestant. With respect to the previous announcement, it seems that the organizing company is seriously considering eSports. For this reason, a funding of one hundred million dollars is available to host the Fortnite competition in the 2018/19 season.

It is a drop in the bucket from Epic Games by investing eight million dollars on the Summer Skirmish Series. Is there anyone looking to earn money by winning the championship Epic Games is organizing? It is pretty funny to see anyone complain about this huge offer for the game.

Do not get engulf about the tons of dollars the company is investing in money prize and forget the release of Fortnite Season Five. It will eventually be released by 12th of July 2018. On this note, you can stay tuned for more amazing news about the Fortnite Season 5. It is one of the best updates that Fortnite players can ever get.