In a world full of superhero productions, Marvel’s Daredevil stands out as a gritty yet artful series filled with action and drama. Fans of the iconic blind vigilante in a red suit will particularly enjoy this original Netflix production, as it is filled with a ton of complex yet real characters, who tell the story in a breathtaking manner. The storyline behind the production is not only convincing but also interesting and intense. The production comes after a 12yr long wait, along with numerous false starts, since the last 2003 movie which featured Ben Affleck.

Daredevil, being the main character obviously, is a successful badass blind lawyer during the day and a no-nonsense vigilante during the night. He uses his superhero senses to fight crime in Hell’s Kitchen and corruption with the courtrooms. Daredevil was blinded as a child, whilst rescuing an old man from a truck. He ended up developing superhuman senses, that gave him the ability to sense what the normal could not feel. Matt Murdock’s dad was a boxer who died trying to be a role model to his son. During daytime, daredevil goes by the name Murdock(Charlie Cox), who is a successful lawyer. Matt Murdock, along with his friend Foggy (Elden Henson) are opening up their own law firm, with which they intend to fight for justice in the courtrooms. Charlie Cox plays the role to perfection through the pain stiffed motions when fighting his way through hallways of bad guys in Hell’s Kitchen.

During the night Matt Murdock, now daredevil, is the caretaker of Hells Kitchen fighting small and big crimes. Daredevil is an intelligent fighter, whose missions include trying to find Wilson Fisk, who is powerful and rich. Fisk’s corrupt touch is rooted from deep in the police department to the media. Fisk is also behind the many puppet strings pulled into Hell’s Kitchen. The character Fisk is played by Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays the role to perfection. Fisk’s character has been played out as a villain who, unlike his foes, is intelligent and at the same time very brutal.

Matt Murdock, in the anti-hero aspect, doesn’t have a lot of money or any special technology or any other special superhero powers apart from his senses to match most superheroes such as Iron Man. He, however, posses awesome martial art skills which the creator of the series brings out amazingly in daredevil’s encounters with bad guys. He however during the season has had his ass brutally whooped more than once. The aspect of him getting his ass whooped, was a plus for the producers of the series as it tends to relate more with the average human being and not the godly superheroes.


The flipside of things brings out Wilson Fisk, the kingpin, as a compelling yet complex character. At one point, Fisk, romances with a woman with genuine charisma and the next minute he beheads a guy using a car door. Which is an awesome way to play a villain? He is the complete opposite of Matt Murdock and no villain could be more suited for that role. Fisk is an excellent plotter and has a wide range of connections leaving daredevil trying to figure out the puzzle with each episode.

The language and sex in the series have been moderated compared to other Netflix and ShowBox .APK productions. You won’t have to worry about awkward moments when watching with your family. The violence, however, has been ramped up and could be too much for children. Most of the action takes place in the dark but has been impressively brought out.The brutality and pulpy style ( one of daredevils tools is torture) seek a more sense of realism. The show is a good recommendation for comic readers, action lovers and adventure seekers. However, this needs someone who is able to handle the graphic violence put out throughout the series.

Generally, the production is one of the best marvels production compared to prior series such as Agent Cater. The franchise is both lucrative and exciting. Daredevil season 1 will keep you at the edge of your seat through the action and drama and it would be best for those who haven’t watched it yet to get it at once

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