The 2nd season of American based TV series Daredevil, based on Marvel comic character with a similar name, follows the story of a blind lawyer who tries to fight crime at night and follows his usual routine during the day.   Matt Murdock, as he is known by his colleagues, is an expert in fighting crime despite the fact that he is blind. He has an improved sensing mechanism that enables him to even detect when his colleagues are lying. In this season, Matt Murdock crosses path with Frank Castle, known as Punisher, along with an old girlfriend, Elektra Natchios.


After the downfall of the notorious Russian mafia and Wilson Fisk, as well as the eradication of the Yakuza and the Chinese, various gangs affiliated groups attempt to take full management of Hell’s kitchen, including cartels and the Irish mob. After a group of the Irish mob is gunned by an unknown people, the sole survivor, Grotto, seeks out the services of Murdock and Nelson for protection. Matt Murdock launches his investigations as a vigilante persona, the Daredevil. He quickly learns that all the weapons used by the cartels were from a single person.

After Grotto is taken to hospital by Page, Murdock’s assistant, they are both attacked by a man and they barely escape alive. Murdock confronts the gang member on the rooftop but he is shot at point blank. Nelson finds the Daredevil the next morning in very critical condition. His body armor not only saved his life, it also saved Murdock’s heightened senses that had almost been damaged and impaired during the attack. Nelson tries to convince Grotto into witness protection program. However, since all his contacts were murdered, the District Attorney agrees under the condition that he wears a wire during a meeting with any top-level drug lord.


After his senses have improved, Murdock asks Melvin Potter for an improved mask. He starts investigating the safe house where the Irish mob were murdered. His investigations lead him to an abandoned apartment where the Punisher was listening to the DA’s operation together with Grotto using a police radio. Nelson and Page immediately realize that it was a trap and they order the police snipers to fire at them. Grotto escapes during the commotion while Murdock gets injured and loses consciousness as he tries to attack the Punisher.

Later, the Murdock wakes up as a captive to the Punisher. He tries to plead with the Punisher by asking him to refrain from killing innocent people. In defense, the Punisher argues that murdering criminals is very necessary because it stops them from committing any wrong ever again. As they continue debating, the Punisher brings out Grotto, who was caught in a stolen car trying to flee. The Punisher straps a gun equipped with only one bullet to Murdock’s hand and offers him one of three choices; kill Grotto, kill the Punisher, or do nothing knowing that his actions would still cause someone’s death. Instead, the Murdock shoots the chain holding him and he breaks free. In so doing, the Punisher fatally shoots Grotto. The Daredevil knocks down the Punisher and then he fights his way to safety.

Later, Finn Cooley, a ranking member of Irish mafia, comes to New York seeking revenge for his son who was murdered by the Punisher. Page also starts to investigate the Punisher by using the files given to her by DA Blake Tower. During her investigations she learns that the Punisher is Frank Castle, a good husband and a father before been hospitalized after a bullet logged in his head. The Irish mafia confronts Castle during a family gathering and they take him hostage. Finn Cooley tortures the Punisher until he manages to escape and brutally murders Finn Cooley and several Irish gang members. Luckily, Murdock finds them and he stops the Punisher from killing anyone else by helping him to escape. The Punisher tells the Daredevil how his family had been murdered and how he had escaped.

Natchios later returns to New York seeking the Daredevil’s help with the Japanese Roxxon Energy Corporation. Ten years before, Murdock had met Elektra Natchios who was daughter to a wealthy Greek ambassador, and the two bonded. Elektra later left after Murdock refused to kill Roscoe Sweeney. The Daredevil agrees to help Elektra and together they defeat the Yakuza vigilantes.

This second season has thirteen episodes that are very captivating. This season is now streaming on Netflix. However, you can watch this web series online for free using  ShowBox for PC. I am sure that Daredevil 2 will leave many people glued to their screens because it is one of the best series in recent years and third season will be releasing soon.

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