A good number of movie fans are thrilled and fascinated by action movies. They are considered to be interesting, dramatic and full of theatrical themes that keep one glued to the screen. Since The US Seal Team, 6 captured the world’s most dangerous terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, Special Forces movies have been very popular. They involve Special Forces from the military, naval, police special units and others. They exhibit tricks, actions, and activities that are very interesting and exciting. Among the top Special Forces movies of 2017 include:


SWAT is an interesting and action-packed movie that revolves around Los Angeles Elite Police Unit who goes an extra mile to solve crimes and avert attacks. The way they operate and execute their plans calls for a reckon and they are well organized and skilled. They have no room for mistakes and does most operations right without any slip-ups. This movie is full of fist and gunfights that sound amazing and interesting to watch.

Bravo Two Zero

This movie is about the British SAS Special Forces who enjoys good reputation and recognition worldwide. It is a fascinating action movie that exhibits sophisticated arsenal and effective communication that makes them succeed in all their operations. The movie features Sean Bean who is seen running around with a grenade launcher and other heavy fighting gear. It is quite a fascinating movie that you can watch over and over again without getting bored.

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Black Hawk Down

This is a movie that revolves around United States Soldiers who are sent to Somalia for a mission to help capture two top lieutenants of a terrorist group. The soldiers set off on a mission but find themselves in the middle of a heavy gunfight with heavily-armed Somali fighters who ambushes them and nearly pin them down. The soldiers make a plan to outwit the fighters and free themselves and ensure they complete their mission. The movie gets even more interesting when the special force soldiers hatch a plan to fight and defeat the Somali Fighters and complete their mission.

Lone Survivor

This is a 121 minutes special operations movie that features Marcus Luttrell and his team of Special Forces. The team embarks on a mission where they are required to capture or kill Ahmed Shah who is a notorious Taliban leader. Marcus and his team find themselves in a compromising position after they encounter well trained and armed Taliban fighters. They are left to fight for their lives and try to survive but most of the soldiers perish in the encounter and Marcus try to save himself and other soldiers and at the same time complete the mission.

Tears Of The Sun

A group of special operations team led by their commander takes a fight to Nigeria to flush out terrorists. They go into the jungle to rescue a doctor but the doctor disagrees to join them until the soldiers rescue 70 other refugees. The team went ahead with the mission but encounter resistance where a heavy gunfight ensues. The way the soldiers fight and try to rescue the refugees is very thrilling and makes this movie one to watch.

These are among the best Special Forces movies of 2017 that you must watch if you are a movie enthusiast. These movies exhibit state-of-the-art tactics, skills, and technology that makes one eager to find out the end result.

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