Survival video games are the best if you know to play them. These games have been rolled out in previous years, and it helped players catch fun, excited and improve their skills. Nevertheless, new survival video games will be unleashed in 2018. Keep reading this article to see some of the upcoming survival video games in 2018.


Gamepires is the developers of the upcoming survival game called Scum. The game will be unleashed sometime in 2018 with amazing features. In this game, some people or prisoners will be demanded to fight each other in an entertainment environment. Scum is simply a battle royale game that will reveal the champion of the field. In a nutshell, this game shows how some prisoners are assembled on an island. Prisoners will have to fight to acquire gifts, gain sponsorship, followers and change the world.

The Forest

This year will help to unveil the coming of The Forest, which remains a tough survival game. In this game, players will have to play the position of a unique name called Eric. Eric will travel with his son through a flight and experiences a crash along the way on an island. During this crash, Eric son was missing in the process. So, players can wait for the release of this survival video game and see more.


In 2014, the developers of this upcoming survival video game unleashed an amazing console. Frostpunk is a new release of the same company that unleashed the “This War of Mine”. For players that enjoyed This War of Mine will also discover that Frostpunk comes with certain similar features. In this new game, the whole world will be consumed. People will now have to seek refuge within some given sources.


The concept of Astroneer has been around since 2016. System Era Softworks remain the developers of this amazing video game and it has helped in making more fans enjoy a top-notch survival game. Astroneer will be released sometime before the end of this year. The game is simply a sandbox with top-notch features. At the moment, the storyline of this amazing game may not be crystal clear. However, players will discover that this survival game is focused on building structures.

Conan Exiles

Since 2017, the backbone of Conan Exiles has been around. The complete console of this amazing game will be coming out sometime this year. The game is globally opened and took place in the environment of Conan the Barbarian. The truth is that the storyline will not go along with the original Conan the Barbarian. In this game, players will discover the presence of a protagonist. The character of players will be offered a death sentence right from the inception of the game. The death sentence also comes up with crucifixion that takes place underneath the sun.

Can you see that these games come with amazing titles? For this reason, it will be great if players can take a deep breath and enjoy these games as they are released.

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